ok so i think i finally figured out how to tell you about this

and like i wrote it all at once and havent read it again since so it probably reads like shit but whatever

Holy shit


uh. did you read it?

Yeah I mean

Sorry like

That was really fucked up

made me feel better

no I mean like it shouldn't have hapoened at all kind of fucked up

Like. Who the fuck does that

You were a kid

i noticed

Im sorry I don't know what to say

i wish i fucking knew

this fucking sucks

bc like now i dont even know what theyre doing? i dont even remember their name. like that if theyre hurting other kids or something and maybe if i told someone what was happening they wouldnt be

or like

maybe i wasnt the only kid they were babysitting???

what then? bc i hate that i miss them i wish they were dead

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